Experience it together.

Share the indescribable feeling of flying and explore new horizons together. After all, special experiences bring people together and make lifelong memories.

Offers for two

For twice the high-flying fun.

A shared experience for couples and good friends. An outing with a godparent. No matter who you want to bring: we have the right experience for you. Unique and the perfect way to take off.
  • In total 4 flightsfor 2 people

    Fly together: share an unforgettable experience with your partner.

    148.– instead of 178.–

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  • In total 8 flightsfor 2 people

    Take off together: improve your flying skills a little with every flight.

    288.– instead of 356.–

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  • In total 12 flightsfor 2 people

    Progress is the best motivator: enjoy a double dose of action in the wind tunnel.

    414.– instead of 534.–

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- A certified instructor will take care about you through the whole experience.
- A flight lasts one minute.
- One flight at Windwerk corresponds to the time it would take to free-fall from an altitude of 4'000 metres!

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