Flight School

Learn to fly like a bird and train to become a pro flyer. You can enjoy a range of benefits: work on your skills with professional coaches, share your time in the tunnel with friends and take advantage of lower prices.

Become a pro flyer

Learn to fly with your body.

Fly independently in all directions? Check. Fly with two people in the wind tunnel? Check. Fly in the back position? Check. Our experienced instructors will provide you with training in all of this and more.

Step by step

Four levels to success.

Work towards becoming an accomplished pro flyer and look forward to demanding flights at high speeds with multiple people in the tunnel.

For your time in the flight school we provide you with a complete flight gear.
  • Level 1 15 flights

    Ready for take-off? Learn how to fly in all directions on your front by yourself.

  • Level 2 15 flights

    Fly higher: refine your skills and fly with a second person in the wind tunnel.

  • Level 3 15 flights

    Three times as good: by now, you’re feeling comfortable and you’ll learn to fly on your back for the first time.

  • Level 4 15 flights

    Enter the next level: repeat what you have learned and fly at higher speeds.

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