Kids special

Glide through the air like a superhero? Celebrate your birthday soaring through the air? Learn to fly in no time with your school friends? We can make it all possible. You’ll soon find out: there’s nothing better than flying.

Group events

A fascination with flight.

Flying through the air like Superman? You could hardly find a cooler event for kids. Whether with a school, a club or a group of friends – we have the right offer to meet any requirement. Safety is always ensured: we don’t leave anything to chance.

Children’s birthdays

Because they only come round once a year.

Celebrate and take flight. Give your child the perfect birthday party and an unforgettable experience of flying through the air like an eagle. Suitable table decorations and a birthday cake are also available to order. Syrup is provided for the entire group free of charge.

The offer

For children up to 14 years.

For the highest of highs: every child will light up in our wind tunnel. Learn, fly, be amazed – time really flies. Book the offer that suits you and give your kids an unforgettable experience.
  • In total 10 flightsfor up to 5 children

    For youngsters: the perfect introductory offer for smaller groups of children.

    245.– instead of 349.–

    Book now Give as a coupon

  • In total 20 flightsfor up to 10 children

    For lucky children: lift off, fly away, be amazed. Repeat. The ultimate experience!

    490.– instead of 698.–

    Book now Give as a coupon

  • In total 30 flightsfor up to 15 children

    For superheroes: the ultimate special offer for children up to the age of 12.

    699.– instead of 999.–

    Book now Give as a coupon

    Best seller!

- A certified instructor will take care about you through the whole experience.
- A flight lasts one minute.
- One flight at Windwerk corresponds to the time it would take to free-fall from an altitude of 4'000 metres!

Additional children's experience:
- Minors require the consent of a supervisor or legal representative
- In the case of minors, there must be a supervisor on site who may accompany the children in the anteroom of the flight chambre

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