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Flight School

Learn to fly like a bird and train to become a pro flyer. You can enjoy a range of benefits: work on your skills with professional coaches, share your time in the tunnel with friends and take advantage of lower prices.


Learn the basics of indoor skydiving

The Flight School consists of four training blocks, each with a flight time of 15 minutes. You will learn to fly in all directions on your stomach and already do your first exercises flying on your back. The aim of the training is that you can fly safely and independently in a wind tunnel.


This is how you benefit as a pro flyer

-> Benefit from lower flight rates (10min from CHF 115.-)
-> Fly with other pro flyers in the wind tunnel at the same time
-> Take part at our skills camps
-> Improve your flight skills continuously

Step by step

Four levels to success. i Additional information

Graduated flight school students become proflyer and benefit from lower flight rates.

All the Flight School offers include

  • Complete equipment for your flights (suit, helmet and glasses)
  • Instruction with our certified instructors
  • Detailed debriefing of the flights
  • Inclusive photo & video recordings

Conditions of participation

  • Minimum age: 5 years
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to fly
  • No shoulder issues
  • No flying under the influence of alcohol or drugs

You get 15 flights per level, which corresponds to 15 minutes of flight time. Each level is completed during one day and we recommend booking a maximum of two levels per day. For your time at the flight school, we provide you with a complete set of flight equipment free of charge.
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    Level 1 15 flightsfor one person

    Here we go! Learn to control your first flying position and fly in all directions.

    from 400.–

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    Level 2 15 flightsfor one person

    Refine your flying skills and follow your instructor through the wind tunnel.

    from 400.–

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    Level 3 15 flightsfor one person

    You feel comfortable flying on your belly and make the first preparations for flying on your back.

    from 400.–

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    Level 4 15 flightsfor one person

    Solidify your skills! After this level you can fly in the wind tunnel without an instructor.

    from 400.–

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Our Instructors

With us you will become a pro flyer

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