Offers for individuals

Want to dive in and take off? We make it possible.
Discover an indescribable and exhilarating feeling – it’s safe, easy and unique! For anyone from 5 to 99 years.


The joy of anticipation is included.

Our instructors will welcome you and guide you right through to the exhilaration of your flight experience. They will show you how to control your flight and how to communicate with your flight leader. They are also always on hand to answer your questions and help with any requests.

The equipment

All-round protection.

Take off with us. Safely.
The right flight suit, helmet, goggles and ear protection ensures that you are protected from the wind. That’s it.

The flight

Dive in. Take off.

Ready for your leap into weightlessness? A last look at your instructor, and a courageous step into the wind tunnel: your dream of flying becomes a reality. Let’s go!

Flight duration

A minute floating on cloud nine.

Your dream of flying lasts one minute – and then at least one more. In total, this corresponds to the time it would take to free-fall from an altitude of 8,000 metres!

That’s why it’s important that you make good use of the time between flights to recover. You can watch a video of your flight on the screen while you’re doing so.

The offer

You can soar through the air like that too.

Our offers will help you take flight. Book two or more flights and experience it for yourself.
  • 2 flightsfor one person

    For newbies: take off with a flight experience that is twice as unique.

  • 4 flightsfor one person

    For the inquisitive: get to know the fine details better with every flight.

    178.– 148.–

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  • 6 flightsfor one person

    For the ambitious: improve your flying skills little by little.

    267.– 219.–

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  • 10 flightsfor one person

    For flying fans: get the most out of your visit!

    445.– 345.–

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- A certified instructor will take care about you through the whole experience.
- A flight lasts one minute.
- One flight at Windwerk corresponds to the time it would take to free-fall from an altitude of 4'000 metres!

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