Offers for pro flyers

We are pro flyers ourselves, so we know what’s important to you. That’s why, with us, you can fly in the latest generation of wind tunnel. Four fans provide an even air flow and ensure the best conditions for professionals.


State-of-the-art centre in an ideal location.

Everything a pro flyer needs: high-speed flying at up to 280 km/h, a flight chamber with a maximum flying height of 17 metres and an even air flow with minimal turbulence. The convenient location near Zurich Airport offers good public transport links and ensures easy access from the motorway.


Fitness offer for pros.

We can provide everything you need: lockers, changing rooms, showers and a snack bar in case you need a bite to eat. You will also have your own area for briefings and debriefings.

Are you looking for a more extensive workout? No problem: you can find a beautiful fitness trail in the adjacent woodland and a sports centre with an outdoor gym nearby.

How it works

Charge your account and book flights.

Our system uses a prepaid model. The flight time you have purchased is credited to your customer account and you can split and manage your flight times as desired.

Offers for pro flyers

You want to aim high.

Pro flyer offers are only available to skydivers and experienced indoor skydivers. If you are not yet registered with us as a pro flyer, you can use the form below to register now.
  • Fly off peak times 20 minutesincl. coaching

    Our welcome offer for Skydivers, AFF-Students and Indoor Skydivers. Can only be booked once.


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  • Fly off peak times 60 minutesexcl. coaching

    Maximum flying fun – at the lowest price. Fly on your own in the wind tunnel for one hour.


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  • Fly off peak times 60 minutesincl. coaching

    Hone your skills with a coach and enjoy lower prices outside of peak times.


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  • Fly at peak times 60 minutesexcl. coaching

    Busy schedule? Then flying free at peak times is ideal for you!


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  • Fly at peak times 60 minutesincl. coaching

    Go for it: fly at our most popular times and receive coaching from a professional.


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  • Fly off peak times 60 minutesexcl. coaching

    Learn more about our scaled prices in your customer account.

    690.– 650.–

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    From 5 hours


Monday to Friday: 17.00 to 19.00
Saturday / Sunday: 11.00 to 18.00

Depending on the free capacity the on- and offpeak times can be adapted. The definitive timeslots you'll find in the booking calendar.

Our instructors

Take yourself to the next level.

Want to improve your flying skills? Then benefit from our coaches’ experience. They are always on hand to provide you with valuable pointers.

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