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Protective measures

All information related to COVID-19 is provided here.

What protective measures have been introduced?

The protective measures introduced by Windwerk AG include:

  • Face masks are mandatory in our public spaces.
  • Our employees wear face masks for their own protection, but also to protect our guests.
  • Visitors must not exhibit symptoms of illness or belong to a risk group.
  • Close contact* between people must be avoided and physical distancing and hygiene rules must be observed whenever operationally possible.
  • The ability to perform contact tracing is ensured through the reservation system.
  • Flights are carried out with protective suits. Direct physical contact is prevented by instructors wearing protective gloves.
  • The flight gear is routinely cleaned and disinfected.
  • Installation of hand disinfectant stands and plexiglass partitions, etc.
  • Routine special cleaning by an external cleaning service.
  • To avoid gatherings of people, in some cases we may have to ask people who do not have reservations or whose session has finished to leave the building.
  • etc.

* Close contact is defined as contact between people in which a physical distance of two metres is not maintained for more than 15 minutes.


Is the snack bar open?

The snack bar is open and is observing the protective measures mandated by the federal government. The following rules apply:

  • You must remain seated while eating.
  • People without a flight experience and who do not belong to visitors with flight experiences must provide the contact details.
  • We appreciate your understanding that the seating capacity is limited due to the measures currently in place.


What happens with expired flight vouchers that could not be redeemed due to COVID-19?

We are happy to extend their validity upon request.


Can pro flyers who are training for the Swiss Indoor Skydiving Championship in Sion still benefit from discounted flight prices? 

The competition has been canceled. Open flight credit for CHF 620 per hour can be used at no extra charge.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further details.

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