The virtual reality experience

Immerse yourself in a virtual world and glide through fascinating landscapes as a bird – with the help of the Birdly flight simulator! Virtual reality, robotics and simulation technology combine to create a truly memorable full-body experience. You’ll be astounded!

Virtual Reality Experience

Fly over the rooftops of New York

The feeling of virtual flying is hard to describe. You can enjoy a full-body experience and intuitively explore the skies as a bird. Try it for yourself and discover New York!

The flight simulator is available to all visitors and can be booked on site. Each flight takes 3 minutes.

We are happy to take reservation in advance for groups and company events. Send us an email to or use our inquiry form for company events.


  • CHF 10.- per person
  • CHF 99.- for half an hour (groups- and company events)

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