Group offers

Whether you are organising a company event, a stag or hen party, a club outing, a birthday celebration or a day out with friends – at Windwerk, you can take flight together.

Fly high together

Because shared experiences bring people together.

Share the anticipation. Pluck up the courage together. Support and root for each other, and share tips. Then afterwards, relax with a bite to eat and admire your own flying skills. Altogether, it’s incredible fun!

Group offers

Take off as a team.

Are you looking for a unique experience? We have the right offer for you.
  • In total 8 flightsfor up to 4 people

    Small but nice: the perfect offer for smaller groups.

    288.– instead of 356.–

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  • In total 10 flightsfor up to 5 people

    The unbeatable offer. With 5 participants everyone pays only CHF 69.-!

    345.– instead of 445.–

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  • In total 20 flightsfor up to 10 people

    Twenty flights: rock the wind tunnel with your friends!

    690.– instead of 890.–

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  • In total 30 flightsfor up to 15 people

    The ultimate event: book the tunnel exclusively for your group.

    990.– instead of 1335.–

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- A certified instructor will take care about you through the whole experience.
- A flight lasts one minute.
- One flight at Windwerk corresponds to the time it would take to free-fall from an altitude of 4'000 metres!

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