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Gift experience: indoor skydiving

Give the gift of flying – with our gift cards, you can give your family and friends the chance to lift off in the wind tunnel in Winterthur. A gift idea guaranteed to sweep anyone off their feet.

Gift card

A gift with instant wow factor

With its shiny, metallic look, the Windwerk gift card is sure to be a hit before you even get to the wind tunnel – making the gift twice as fun to give!

The dream of flying

A great gift idea for people of all ages

Everyone dreams of flying! Regardless of gender. Whatever your age. Indoor skydiving is a perfect gift idea for anyone, from age 5 to 99!

Learn more with every flight

Our range of gifts

Our flight gifts vary in the number of flights they provide. With two flights, each person gets an incredible flight experience. By the third and fourth flight, most beginners can already fly on their own for several seconds.
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    2 flightsfor one person

    For newbies: take off with a flight experience that is twice as unique.

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    3 flightsfor one person

    For the inquisitive: Can you already fly independently?


    Jetzt schenken

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    4 flightsfor one person

    For ambitious: Find your flight position and fly without assistance.


    Jetzt schenken

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    6 flightsfor one person

    For the ambitious: improve your flying skills little by little.


    Jetzt schenken

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