Frequently asked questions

First-time flyers

How long is a flight?
A flight lasts for one minute. This corresponds to the time it would take to free fall from an altitude of 4’000 metres!

What else is included in the flight?
A licensed instructor will introduce you to the world of flying. This includes explaining the entire process, doing dry exercises and providing you with the right equipment.

Who looks after me during the flight?
Two professional instructors will assist you during your flight. One instructor accompanies you into the wind tunnel itself and will steady you by hand if needed.

The second instructor operates the wind tunnel during the flight and adjusts the wind speed to your weight.

When am I not allowed to fly?
– If you are under five years old.
– If you weigh more than 120 kg.
– If you are pregnant.
– If you have severe shoulder pain.
– If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Is indoor skydiving dangerous?
No. You fly in a controlled environment and have two experienced instructors at your side at all times. Indoor skydiving is a fascinating interaction between body and air. But you’ll still get a rush of adrenaline of course.

What should I wear?
We recommend sportswear and clean sneakers. We will provide you with a flight suit, helmet and goggles.

What is the validity date of a flight voucher?
The flight voucher is valid for 24 months.

What else you need to know?
Dogs are not allowed to enter the building and have to wait outside. Thank you for your understanding.

Pro flyers

When am I considered a pro flyer?
If you are a certified skydiver or an experienced indoor skydiver (at least one hour of flying), you are considered a pro flyer and can take advantage of offers for pro flyers.

How do I apply for pro flyer status?
Create a customer account and request pro flyer status. We’ll give you pro flyer status as soon as we have verified your request.

What is the maximum flying time I should book per session? What is recommended?
Ideally, you should book 10 to 15 minutes per session. A session lasts 30 minutes and you need time to rest.

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